Thermapen MK4 – Barbecue Game Changer

Thermapen MK4
Stop overcooking your barbeque

Is there anything worse than a dry chicken breast?  It’s like eating a shoe sole.  Get a Thermapen MK4 and you’ll stop cooking anything dry on the grill.  

In the past we would cut open the chicken, steak or fish and nothing could be worse for your barbecue.  Cutting the meat just allows all the juice to escape leaving you with dry meat.

Get a Thermapen MK4 and take the guesswork out of hitting the exact temperature your food requires.

Instant read, durable and accurate.  There is no better instant read thermometer built today.  This is the tool that all of the pros own and use.  Just watch any barbecue YouTube video and you’ll see them using a Thermapen MK4.